CMSC 733
Computer Processing of Pictorial Information
Spring 2011

Instructor:  Yiannis Aloimonos (
Lecture: M 4:00-6:30 -  CSI  1121
Office Hours:  M 2:00-4:00 (or by appointment) -  AVW  4475

Teaching Assistant:  Ching L Teo (cteo AT cs DOT umd DOT edu)
Office Hours:  Thur 9:30-11:30 (or by appointment) -  AVW  4470

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Course Outline

In this class we will cover the following topics:

1. Multiple View Geometry:
Image Formation, Geometric aspects, Radiometric Aspects, Digital Images, The Human Eye, Camera parameters, Camera Calibration, Intrinsic Parameters, Extrinsic Parameters, Stereo, The Correspondence Problem, Epipolar Geometry, 3D Reconstruction
2. Edge Detection:
Gradient based edge Detectors, Laplacian, Parametric Models
3. Other Image Features:
Hough Transform, Ellipse fitting, Deformable contours
4. Lightness and Color:
Surface Reflectance, Recovering Lightness, The Physics of Color, Human Color Perception, Color Representations
5. Filters:
Linear Filters and Convolution, Spatial Frequency and Fourier Transform, Sampling and Aliasing, Noise Reduction
6. Motion and video processing:
The Image Motion Field, Estimation of 3D Motion and Structure, Segmentation on the basis of different Motion, Image Compression
7. Shape from Single Image Cues:
Surface Descriptions, Shape from Contours, Shape from Shading, Shape from Texture.
8. Segmentation

Reading List

We will use a few resources. For the first part of the course, we will use material that can be found in:

There will also be materials given in class or posted on the website.

Grading and Homework

Midterm: 20%, Final: 25%, Homework: 25%, Projects: 30%

Grades are maintained at
CS Grades

Grading Policy for HW: Extra 10% credit for HW submitted by early deadline. Final deadline is 1 week after early deadline. 0% after final deadline.

  • HW 01 [pdf]; Data for Question 2 [JPG]; Data for Question 3 [zip]; Supplementary reading material [pdf]
  • Early Deadline (Feb 14, 4pm), Final Deadline (Feb 21, 4pm).

    Solution [pdf]

  • HW 02 [pdf]; Calibration images [zip];

    Early Deadline (March 1, 4pm).
  • Solution [pdf]

  • HW 03 [pdf];Yosemite data for q9 [zip];

    Early Deadline (April 4, 4pm)
  • Solution part 1 [pdf] Solution part 2 [pdf]

    Lecture Notes

    Lecture notes will appear as the semester goes on.

    Topic 1: Projective Geometry [ppt]
    Topic 2: Camera Calibration [pdf]; Some useful linear algebra [ppt]; Link to additional resources [link]
    Topic 3: Image Motion [ppt]; Additional notes [ppt]
    Topic 4: Texture & Shape from Shading [ppt] and  [pdf]
    Topic 5: Filters [ppt]



    Additional Resources

    MATLAB startup guide. [text]
    MATLAB sample code. [zip file]

    Send questions and concerns to  cteo AT cs DOT umd DOT edu